the waldoboro collective

Community. Organic farming. A place to develop self-love and care skills. A place to breathe and sort out issues. Five point six acres of forest. Live long-term at the waldoboro collective and care for the vegetables, animals - and yourself. Or stay for a weekend in exchange for cash or barter.


peace and quiet

A supportive community and quiet place in the woods offers the space to meditate, practice yoga, write a novel, study, or reflect.

nature re-charge

Escape to the woods for a day or a month camping in your own tent, in one of the tiny houses, or in the main cabin.

skill development

Keep your money. Trade your labor for the duration of your stay at the waldoboro collective. The 5.6-acre forest, garden, main cabin, and tiny houses are continually improving thanks to those who barter their time and efforts with us. We are seeking novices through masters in construction, agriculture, home-making, engines, plumbing, photovoltaics, and forest management.


We currently offer a variety of spaces for sleeping. The waldoboro collective centers around a 24x24 cabin containing one bedroom on the second floor and one bedroom in the loft. We are in the process of building a series of 8x8 studio tiny houses across the property, which will be available for move-in as soon as they are completed. Each house has a bed and a bathroom equipped with a dry composting toilet system and a handsink which diverts greywater to the flower beds. Additionally, we have four campsites hidden among the trees. 


The waldoboro collective offers every visitor three home-cooked meals each day. We attempt to source our foods locally, and all meals are vegetarian with meat add-ons. Visitors who are vegan or other dietary patterns are welcome to bring or prepare their own meals. Breakfast usually consists of home-made muffins or breakfast sandwiches - and lots of coffee. Lunch and dinner usually consist of barbecues, homemade sides, sandwiches, and soups.


The waldoboro collective has an all-gender, single-stall shower house. We are in the process of building additional facilities.



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