It is difficult to thrive when the struggle to survive never relents. The average student loan debt per borrower in the US is $32,731, which translates to a payment around $350 each month just to cover the cost of improving oneself in the past. Nearly everywhere, renting a studio apartment is at least $500 every month. Creative thinkers may consider living in a van or camper instead, but the price tag of $2500+ can be prohibitive. Obtaining a mortgage to buy even a modest home is more difficult than ever due to recent changes in banking regulations which exclude gratuity-based wage earners from access. After adding the cost of groceries and the rare dinner out, it's clear that much of our time is sold to pay for our survival. Factor in our work commute and the time spent planning and preparing meals, and we find so little time left over for thriving that we resort to a quick dopamine fix through less-than-healthy activities. We find ourselves caught in a cycle of working jobs that we would rather not do in order to earn money to pay just to survive, so stressed and hopeless that we neglect to make time to exercise, meditate, or pursue hobbies.


 The waldoboro collective’s vision is a world wherein everyone is free from the challenges faced in creating an environment where they can not just survive, but thrive. In this vision, everyone is able to sleep comfortably, eat nutritious and enjoyable food, socialize, exercise outdoors, and be solitary when needed, while still having time to pursue meaningful employment.

The waldoboro collective’s mission is to provide ten independent 8'x8' studio homes and cabins to individuals needing a break from the grind of life. Meals are prepared and shared collectively in the main 24'x24' house for those interested in socializing, and the kitchen is available to those who have other dietary needs. Thanks to private funding and labor provided by community members, the waldoboro collective provides the space and resources to allow everyone to flourish and to find a degree of inner peace.

Living at the waldoboro collective - whether for one day or one year -  means joining a community of people who gratefully depend on each other for meeting each of our basic needs, leaving the remainder of our time and energy available our own goals and purposes. Cooking meals, splitting firewood, watering the garden, measuring lumber for the new shed - each activity is performed by those most willing and able. Compensation is provided in the form of room and board, with those possessing highly desirable skills receiving an additional weekly stipend.

The waldoboro collective is guided by values which celebrate persons of minority status regarding race, sexuality, gender expression, ability, and mental struggles. Our community welcomes people who are trans, nonbinary, lgbtqiaa2+, queer, femme, butch, and any other identity labels not included here. In addition to these descriptors, those who experience difficulties with depression and anxiety are welcome. With so few safe spaces for members of these classes - which are not protected from discrimination under the Fair Housing Act - the waldoboro collective rises to welcome you in. 

The waldoboro collective is striving to attain 501(c)(3) status and join the Maine Association of Nonprofits. We welcome assistance in this process.



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