Apply for Room and Board Labor Exchange 
The waldoboro collective is accepting applications from individuals interested in receiving room and board in exchange for their labor. "Room" consists of one 8'x8' tiny house and "Board" is defined as three daily vegetarian/vegan/omnivore-inclusive meals prepared on site by the Cook. "Labor" is defined as four (4) hours per day completing tasks for the benefit of the collective. Individuals, also know as "Community Members," may choose their "Tasks" from a list of current projects according to their own skills and preferences. Such tasks may include chopping wood, washing dishes, wiring up a new studio, working as a team installing a greywater line, weeding the tomato garden, and feeding the chickens, among others. Community members are welcome to stay any length of time from one night up to six months between April 1 and November 1 2020. Community members agree to uphold the mission, vision, and values* of the waldoboro collective and are subject to dismissal from the property for any acts of physical violence or theft, which inherently violate the these agreements.​
This exchange seeks to offer people a place to live, work, and relax in a tiny house or cabin while being a part of a supportive, cooperative community.
Please fill out the application below and we will be in contact soon. Thank you.​
Which of the following activities are you willing and able to do during your stay at the waldoboro collective? (This list is not inclusive of all skill sets that are needed at the waldoboro collective. Not selecting any of the following skills does not exclude your applicaiton from consideration.)


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